How to Use EDDM Printing and Postcard Services Effectively

Most business owners have heard of the advantages of direct mail as a promotional tool, and almost everyone has gotten a postcard in the mail at work or at home. How, though, can an owner make direct mail work for their company? Below are several important things to know about creating compelling postcards that bring buyers into stores.

Present a Great Offer

To create a postcard, one must first know what they’re selling. Offers should solve customers’ problems and give them something of value. For instance, an auto repair shop could offer discounts on oil changes or winterizing services, or a bakery could give deals on cupcakes or cookies for office parties. Finding an offer that solves customers’ problems may take some research, but the reward makes the job worthwhile.

Craft an Engaging Message

It’s not enough for a seller to offer a deal on their products or services. They need to tell customers why they need to make a purchase. While messages don’t have to be long and complex, they do need to be persuasive. Messages should tell customers:

  • What’s being sold
  • How the sale will solve a problem
  • How the product will make life easier

When customers know what they’re getting out of a deal, they’re more likely to buy.

Set a Firm Deadline

By including a deadline in an offer, business owners encourage customers to take immediate action. These can take the form of limited-time offers, or they can be recurring dates. Whatever the owner’s choice may be, setting a deadline makes the offer seem more exclusive.

Include the Company’s Contact Information

During direct mail postcard campaigns, it’s important to tell customers how they can take advantage of the offer. Be sure to include:

  • The company’s phone number
  • The web address
  • The company’s physical address (if applicable)
  • Hours of operation (for brick-and-mortar companies and online businesses with customer service departments)

Customers look for easy ways to get in contact with business owners and, by including the company’s contact info in direct mailings, the business owner can make it as simple as possible. For more information or to request a quote, call EDDM Printing and Postcard Services today.